Game Changing Divorce Law Cases Nationwide

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In this article we will get down and dirty and dive into the most influential divorce cases that are effecting family law cases nationwide.

O’Keeffe vs O’Keeffe

In the case of O’Keeffe v O’Keeffe, the court found that the father intentionally didn’t follow the child support order. As a result, the Family Court decided to put him in jail for 90 days unless he paid $15,000. The father appealed, arguing that there were less severe options available and that the amount was too high. The higher court disagreed and said that when someone willfully breaks a support order, it’s up to the Family Court to decide the punishment, and in this case, they didn’t make a wrong decision.

Baez-Delgadillo vs Moya

In the case of Baez-Delgadillo v Moya, the parents of a child had some legal issues about who should have custody. The court gave temporary custody to the mother and limited the father’s visits, telling him to get help for alcohol and anger issues. Later, without a proper hearing, the court decided the mother should have full custody and stopped the father from seeing the child until he got help. The higher court disagreed and said that decisions about custody and visits should usually be made after a proper hearing to find out what’s best for the child. The court must clearly explain why it made the decision and consider the evidence. In this case, the court made mistakes by not having a hearing and not looking into what’s best for the child. They also made a mistake by saying the father couldn’t see the child until he got help. So, the case was sent back to the lower court for a proper hearing and new decisions.

Divorce is ugly and we all know it. The good news is that having a good attorney on your side can provide you with warmth, comfort and security in this difficult situation. We hope you did not have kids before the divorce, but if you did, we will try to help everything related to custody go smooth as well. Whether you are facing a contested or uncontested divorce you can reach out to our Queens Divorce Attorney  today to schedule & fast & free legal consultation.

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