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Equitable Distribution

Equitable Distribution Lawyers in All of NYC: The division of assets can be one of the most complex aspects of a divorce. Robert Aronov & Associates, P.C., property division lawyers who have a background in finance have an advantage. Working in a with banking industry familiar with all aspects of real estate law constantly comes in handy in helping my clients with equitable distribution of property.

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We use a large network of other professionals in my property division work, including appraisers, realtors, pension evaluators, accountants, actuaries, and more. As a team we are able to appraise assets so that you can have an equitable distribution of property now.

Equitable Distribution In New York

Its upto an individual state to set rules about property division in a divorce. In New York you must evaluate whether each asset qualifies as “separate property” or “marital property”; separate property, belongs to just one of the parties, and in New York, separate property can be quaalified as such even while a person is married.

For example: money received from an inheritance, personal injury settlement, is considered separate property. Anything gained during the period of marriage that can not be credited solely to one spouse is considered marital property, and must be divided equitably.
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