Manhattan, NYC

Manhattan, NYC

Welcome to Aronov NYC Divorce Law Group Midtown, Manhattan office. At Aronov NYC, we offer you the highest level of legal support and are here to help you navigate all your matrimonial related legal issues during this difficult time. Aronov NYC has years of experience and will help you settle everything from simple, uncontested divorces in a very short time, to the most difficult contested divorces that involve hidden assets, child custody battles and unreported income. We will make sure that you receive everything you are entitled to and take your case all the way through trial if the situation warrants it.

In addition, our law group deals with custody disputes, division of property, valuing businesses, child support, spousal support, complex negotiations, mediation, and cooperative divorces on a daily basis. A free and confidential consultation is available either by phone or by setting up an appointment at our law office. Schedule now at (917) 268-9289.

Manhattan Office:

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