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After an order or legal agreement is entered and validated in a New York court, one or both spouses can request a modification of court order. A modification of court order requests that a new order be issued based on a change in circumstances. Modification seeks a new order based on new circumstances.

There are many reasons why a person may seek a modification of court order or legal agreement.

Some common reasons for seeking a modification include: spouse fails to comply with the terms outlined in the order or agreement change in circumstances since the order was originally created drastic change in income or medical benefits parent’s ability to care for the child has changed custody arrangement has been changed or needs to change.

legal cohabitation agreement

A person can seek a modification of court order for many areas of family law: increase or decrease in the amount of child or spousal support time allocated for child visitation child support for more money for college, healthcare, and daycare child custody stipulations division of property and marital assets.